Marine Corps' Birthday


Have you ever wished you and a few colleagues or friends could speak a foreign language only you could understand? This tie is the ultimate language test for those of a maritime persuasion… If someone looks at your tie and gets this, they are in the club! In the language of maritime flags, this tie features the numbers 11 10 1775. Anybody, anybody? It’s the Marine Corps birthday! On November 10, 1775, the Marine Corps was established, legend has it, at Tun Tavern. How cool is this?

*Made in the USA with 100% silk!

*58" long because we feel this is the perfect length to allow customers of all heights to enjoy our product and look their best!

*3.25" wide at the front end because we feel this is the best width for every customer - not too wide, not too slim - classic and timeless!

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