Marine Corps Marathon Bootprints


Anybody who has ever stepped through the silver door at Parris Island knows exactly what these footprints mean. You get off that bus and stand on those prints, marking the first moment you learn to stand like a Marine. If you get through it, your new prints are from boots. For the rest of us, "running with the Marines,” at the marathon, we get to run with our civvie feet next to their boots.

And it’s not just about Grant Patton. Proceeds from the sales of these ties goes to the Marine Corps Marathon, which supports the mission of the Marine Corps Marathon Organization of showcasing physical fitness and generating community goodwill in order to promote the high standards and discipline of the Marine Corps.

*Made in the USA with 100% silk!

*58" long because we feel this is the perfect length to allow customers of all heights to enjoy our product and look their best!

*3.25" wide at the front end because we feel this is the best width for every customer - not too wide, not too slim - classic and timeless!

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