The Story

Whether you are an active service member, a veteran, a military family member, or a loyal supporter, we can agree that there is no stronger community than that of the military. We are all proud of our service men and women and our country; and we want to express that pride. One of the ways to do this is through what we choose to wear.

At Grant Patton, our goal is to make products that are made with the highest quality materials; products that are thoughtfully designed with military themes; products that we know you will be proud to own and wear; products that you will be proud to share with others in the community, and products that are made here in the USA!

In addition, we are committed to giving back to the charities that make a difference in the lives of our military community members - veterans, the wounded, their families, and even the service animals - who make such an impact on all of our lives. For every item purchased from Grant Patton, we will make a donation to military charities. We are also committed to supporting the entrepreneurship of military spouses, and will be developing programs to provide assistance to that community as well.

Grant Patton was founded by Celeste Ward Gventer, a military spouse, defense wonk and historian. But she is not alone! She enjoyed the support of talented designers and is ably assisted by other military spouses every day working on design, social media, and business processes.

If you are a veteran or military spouse and would like to work with us (or just a supporter of the community!) drop us a line!