Marine Officer's Sword


Who doesn’t love the Marine dress uniform? Elegant, classic, sophisticated - somebody really got that one right. Ever wondered why they carry a sword when they dress up? Like everything in the Corps, it has a long history. The officer’s sword is different from the enlisted. The one featured on this tie is carried by officers as part of the dress uniform and is known as the Mameluke sword. It goes back to a historical battle during the Barbary wars when a Marine officer was awarded a bejeweled sword by a grateful North African prince. In a few years this sword will have been part of the Marine uniform for two centuries. The great part of it is, that even when Marines no longer wear the uniform, with this tie, they still get to wear the sword. Cool, huh?

*Made in the USA with 100% silk!

*58" long because we feel this is the perfect length to allow customers of all heights to enjoy our product and look their best!

*3.25" wide at the front end because we feel this is the best width for every customer - not too wide, not too slim - classic and timeless!

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