Devil Dogs


Okay folks, it’s a bulldog… with horns… a cape… and pitchforks. You with us? Devil Dogs? Oorah! Anyone who knows anything about the Corps knows the importance of the Devil Dog and those who don’t… well, how cute is that dog? Seriously though, the Devil Dog description started during the battle of Belleau Wood, where countless Marines fought bravely over a hundred years ago. American newspapers reported that German soldiers had begun calling the Marines "Teufel Hunden” or “Devil Dogs” because of how bravely and ferociously they fought. If your impressed colleague then asks where the name Jarhead came from… well, for now, you’re on your own!

*Made in the USA with 100% silk!

*58" long because we feel this is the perfect length to allow customers of all heights to enjoy our product and look their best!

*3.25" wide at the front end because we feel this is the best width for every customer - not too wide, not too slim - classic and timeless!

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