General Patton


General George S. Patton was famous for many things, including many quotes not suitable for a family audience. He is said to have treasured his cigars so much that he traveled with a humidor full of them! He also carried distinctive, decorative pistols featuring his name on the barrel and his initials on the ivory handles. Ivory, got that? It irritated him when anyone mistook the handles for pearl. Legend has it that he once responded to a reporter who inquired about the pistols, “Son, only a pimp in a Louisiana whorehouse carries pearl-handled revolvers. These are ivory.”

Nonetheless, Patton was a legendary general, who led the Third Army in WWII to break the German offensive and siege against the Allies at Bastogne. World War II buffs, Patton fans (we know you’re out there) - the man and/or the movie - and anyone who wants to tell that story about the whorehouse… need this tie.

*Made in the USA with 100% silk!

*58" long because we feel this is the perfect length to allow customers of all heights to enjoy our product and look their best!

*3.25" wide at the front end because we feel this is the best width for every customer - not too wide, not too slim - classic and timeless!

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