Grant Socks


General Ulysses S. Grant - you know, the big guy, on the $50 bill? He had a bad rap: lots of people thought he had a drinking problem. Other people swore they never saw him drunk. Who knows? Maybe he held it well, just like he fought - unflagging and relentless. Drunk or sober, who cares? He played a key role in ending the American Civil War.

President Lincoln, for one, wasn’t much interested in whether Grant was an alcoholic. Some visitors to the White House complained once about Grant drinking. According to one account, Lincoln inquired as to what brand of whiskey Grant preferred because if he found out, he’d send it to every general in the Army.

These socks incorporate a flask as tribute, and celebrate the cavalrymen that today still sport the Stetson and spurs….and enjoy a few glasses of bourbon too.

These are the ultimate conversation piece and an essential for cavalrymen, history buffs, and anybody who knows the answer to “who is buried in Grant’s tomb?”

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