Anchors Aweigh Socks


Some of you out there might ask yourself: isn’t it a bad thing when the rope gets wrapped around the anchor? The answer, turns out, is yes! Nonetheless, the so-called “fouled” anchor symbol goes back a long way in Naval history. A fouled anchor is featured on the device worn on the U.S. Navy officer cap, is also worn by Chief Petty Officers, and is featured in a number of Navy logos and symbols. What looks artistically cool is actually a nautical problem. The device may go back as far as 1601 to Lord Howard of Effingham, who used a fouled anchor in the seal of his office. History books aside, we are going with tradition here, and we love our Navy men and women, no matter what is going on with their anchors! Show your love for our Navy with these socks, or even for the sailor - in uniform or out - in your life.

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